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LetLegat: What to do after sending in the applications?

When you've sent off your applications, the waiting period can feel endless. But remember, different foundations and scholarships have varying procedures. Some may provide a receipt confirming the receipt of your application with an expected processing time, while others may not offer any feedback at all. Some scholarships have ongoing processing, while others have fixed awarding dates. It's essential to be patient and keep your hopes up, even though it might take some time before you receive a scholarship.

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Be attentive to the response method and check your mailbox or email

Responses from foundations and scholarships can come in different ways – either by letter, phone call, or email. Make sure to check both, so you don't miss any crucial messages. There's nothing worse than overlooking a positive response due to an unnoticed message! Sometimes, a scholarship offer might even be withdrawn if you fail to confirm your acceptance.

Payment - Follow the instructions in the acceptance letter

If you're fortunate enough to receive an acceptance, you'll receive instructions on how and when the funds will be disbursed. Sometimes, there are conditions that need to be fulfilled before the payment is made. Ensure to follow the instructions carefully to ensure a smooth process. Scholarship providers are often helpful if you have any questions or doubts along the way.

Excess funds - Contact the foundation or scholarship

If you end up receiving a higher amount than expected or necessary, it's important to contact the foundation or scholarship to clarify how the surplus funds should be handled. It's better to be proactive and take the initiative to contact the scholarship provider. Once your funding needs are met, you should inform the remaining scholarships that you wish to withdraw your application to avoid overfunding.

Tax - Keep the documentation

Support for study and internship abroad is generally tax-free, but it's important to keep all receipts and invoices for significant expenses related to your stay. This way, you can document to the tax authorities that you've used the funds for the intended purpose. Also, check your tax information to ensure that the support hasn't been mistakenly recorded as taxable income.

Express gratitude with a thank-you letter

It's always good etiquette to send a thank-you letter to the foundations and scholarships that have supported you. Show them that you've gained valuable benefits from their contributions and that you appreciate their support. This may also benefit you in the future if you ever need support for another overseas adventure.

We hope that these tips give you more confidence in the process of applying for funding and scholarships. It's a fantastic way to realize your study or internship goals abroad. If you want to maximize your chances of receiving support, you can read more about what LetLegat can do for you here. We offer assistance in creating a personal list of relevant scholarships tailored to your profile and help with crafting a strong and motivated application that highlights your best qualities. Visit us at

Safe travels and good luck with your application!

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