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LetLegat: Our mission- helping you get scholarships

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

Financing a study abroad through scholarship applications is a time-consuming process that requires hard work, patience, and dedication.

I have personally experienced this in relation to my two exchange semesters in Singapore and the USA. When I had to choose a destination for my first exchange semester, I actually had a burning desire to go to the USA. However, I was so scared of the high expenses that I chose to pursue Singapore instead and put my dream of going to the USA on hold. My finances were tight, and my dreams seemed too big compared to my financial capabilities. However, Singapore is also one of the more expensive destinations, so I still had to go out and seek support to make the exchange a reality.

Fortunately, in Denmark, we are privileged to have over 20,000 scholarships available for various purposes, including supporting young students like myself. I spent a significant amount of energy and time going through scholarship lists - both Danish and international. Finding relevant scholarships took many hours, but I found over 100 scholarships that matched my profile. After that, I began the work of crafting strong applications, structuring my resume, and gathering recommendations. The entire application process was very time-consuming, and I invested countless hours to ensure that my applications were well-executed and could present my strengths in the best possible way.

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My hard work paid off, and I received full funding for my semester in Singapore. It was an amazing experience that exceeded all my expectations. But even though I was satisfied, I still had my dream of going to the USA in the back of my mind. The success of my first semester had fueled my ambition, and this time, I didn't let the higher costs discourage me; instead, I saw it as a challenge. As a graduate student, I now had more scholarships to choose from, and I once again ventured into the scholarship jungle to seek funding. I spent hours on the process once again, and in the end, it was successful, giving me the opportunity to fulfill my big dream. However, this time, I received the majority of my funding late in the semester, which caused some financial worries during my exchange. It took away from my experience, which is truly a shame. Now, I want to help other students avoid that burden.

Studying abroad is a dream for many students. The opportunity to experience a new culture, expand one's academic horizons, and form friendships across borders is an enriching experience. However, for some, the question of financial support can seem like a barrier to realizing this dream. As someone who has managed to finance my two exchange semesters through scholarships and other funding opportunities, I want to share my experiences and help other students fulfill their big dreams.

Financing my study abroad experiences has been a challenging journey, but one that has been completely worth it. My hours of hard work and dedication have resulted in being able to supplement my education internationally without burdening my finances. No matter how difficult it may seem, it's important to remember that there are opportunities and resources out there. With the right effort and perseverance, you too can find the necessary support to make your study abroad dreams come true and create lifelong memories. Let's help each other along the way and fulfill our exchange aspirations without financial worries. Order a scholarship list or get feedback on your application today and let's embark on your journey together!

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