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LetLegat: Gather Strong Recommendations to Boost Your Scholarship Application

Dreaming of studying abroad, but financial constraints are holding you back? is here to help you find financial support through scholarships! Discover how our platform can be your ultimate guide on the journey towards your exchange dreams!

Are you eager to pursue studies abroad and currently seeking scholarships to fund these aspirations? A strong recommendation can be the key to financial support from various foundations and scholarship providers in Denmark. In this blog post, we share the best tips and tricks to acquire the most compelling recommendations. With the right endorsements, you can increase your chances of securing scholarships to finance either an entire education abroad or a semester abroad as a supplement to your Danish education. Let's explore the path to creating strong and tailored recommendations that will impress scholarship committees and aid you in achieving your goals.

Find the Right Recommender - Utilize Your Good Connections

Obtaining a strong recommendation can determine the success of your scholarship application. A valuable academic recommendation from a professor or advisor is worth its weight in gold. However, it can be challenging for some to find the right recommender at the university, as Danish universities may not foster close relationships between students and instructors. Nonetheless, we still recommend trying to acquire a recommendation from the academic expert who knows you best.

As an alternative, some students have sought recommendations from relevant high school teachers, especially in the context of the COVID generation. These educators typically have a deeper understanding of your qualities and can provide more precise insights. The downside is that such recommendations may not remain current, as few students maintain contact with their high school teachers throughout their university years. Thus, the recommendation is based on the teacher's memories of you.

If you have had a part-time job alongside your studies, it can also be a great idea to collect a recommendation from your employer or immediate supervisor. This is particularly useful if your job is relevant to your field of study. Furthermore, these recommendations can be valuable later in your career, possibly aiding you in future job applications.

A diverse set of recommenders provides insight into various aspects of your personality and qualifications. This way, your overall application becomes stronger when you can present several good and relevant recommendations.

Optimize Your Chances of Obtaining a Recommendation - Time is Crucial

Professors, employers, and supervisors often have one thing in common - they are busy individuals. To increase your chances of receiving a well-written recommendation from them, it can often pay off to draft the recommendation yourself. This way, you effectively communicate what you want the recommendation to include. With a draft, it won't require as much time and energy from the recommender, while still ensuring you receive a unique recommendation that doesn't simply follow their standard template. We also advise you to request recommendations well in advance, as response times can be long, especially during exam periods or when many students are seeking recommendations.

Create a Unique Recommendation - Can Assist You

We understand that crafting the perfect recommendation yourself can be challenging. With, you can draft your own recommendation, and our experienced advisors will polish it to perfection. This gives you a tailored and unique recommendation that precisely highlights your strengths and goals. Learn more about how LetLegat can assist you here.

University of Maryland
University of Maryland Studying at an American university can be expensive. With assistance from LetLegat, you can finance your exchange and embark on your journey worry-free. - Your Partner towards Success

With by your side, you can pursue your dreams with renewed confidence and believe in achieving financial support through scholarships. Our dedicated team is ready to guide you through the scholarship application process and ensure that your application stands out. We assist with writing the perfect motivational letter, creating a strong CV, and compiling personalized lists of scholarships, saving you countless hours on Legatbogen, studerendeonline, or other scholarship platforms - both online and at libraries. Achieve your goals and afford your dreams - with! Visit our website now to begin your scholarship application journey!

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