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How many scholarship application should you sent out?

How many scholarships should one actually apply for in an attempt to obtain support from foundations, funds, and scholarships to finance an internship or study abroad program? Is it worth applying for all the smaller scholarships with smaller amounts or the ones with extensive application processes?

The number of scholarships an individual student should apply for depends on the extent of their financial needs. Some may only need a few thousand in founding and can approach it calmly, while others know they need much larger sums that their private finances simply cannot cover. If you're one of the lucky ones with a generous budget, you can get by with applying for a few of the larger and well-known scholarships such as Nordea Foundation, Otto Mønsted Foundation, or KV Foundation and thus get away with a relatively small time investment. Others with larger financial needs may have to work harder to secure multiple scholarships.

The capitol Washington D.C.
During my second study-abroad semester in Washington D.C. I had the chance to visit many of the historical sites.

Personally, I had a greater financial need, so I had to roll up my sleeves to make my study abroad semester a reality. Right from the start, I knew I had to apply for every possible scholarship. In total, I applied for 74 scholarships for my first study-abroad program, and a few less for my next one. Out of the 74 scholarships I applied for, I never heard back from the majority. That's why I'm glad that I applied for so many because in the end, I received support that precisely covered my entire financial need. Many of the scholarships I received contributed relatively modest amounts, but every little bit helps.

I had particular success with a specific type of scholarship that I initially wondered if it was worth the effort to apply for - the ones that required physical mail. Dealing with printing, organizing, and signing so many papers, not to mention acquiring envelopes and paying for stamps, can quickly become a costly affair, especially if most scholarship providers never respond. However, that was not the case, and I had a significantly higher success rate with these mail-based scholarships. In general, I noticed that scholarships with more extensive application processes were actually easier to obtain. I think many students give up during the application process, resulting in fewer applicants in the end. Some providers require a longer range of documents, which can also discourage applicants. Therefore, I strongly recommend being persistent and patient, so you can get some funding from these foundations.

Likewise, I believe that the higher success rate for scholarships with smaller amounts is due to less competition among applicants. While it may seem tempting to focus on the larger scholarships with more substantial amounts, you should still consider smaller scholarships with smaller portions. Many people are not willing to put in the effort to apply for scholarships as low as 500 DKK, but when you calculate it in terms of hourly wage, it's actually quite reasonable, especially considering that most scholarships are tax-free. As I mentioned earlier, I chose to apply for all relevant scholarships I found through an extensive review of over 25,000 Danish scholarships, whether they offered 35,000 DKK or 500 DKK. It paid off for me, but if I didn't have such a significant financial need, it may not have been worth it, and I would have simply focused on applying to the larger, easier, and well-known foundations.

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