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Get inspiration for your cover letter

Your cover letter is most likely the most important element in your scholarship application. It is through this application that you can provide the recipient with an insight into who you are as a person and why they should support specifically you. But how do you actually write a good cover letter? What elements must it include? What elements should it contain? And how much can you deviate from the classic- and perhaps dull- application?

Of course, your application should include your contact information so that the scholarship organization can reach you if you are awarded the scholarship. Most organizations would like to have your full name, birthday, phone number, email, and address. Additionally, it can be advantageous to include a reference link if you have an impressive and well-maintained LinkedIn profile.

When you start researching scholarships, you will quickly discover that there are countless different scholarships with different purposes and criteria. However, it is common for the majority of them to be interested in where and what you are studying. They want to know how far you have progressed in your education and how you, with your education, will contribute to making the world a better place. Additionally, there may be specific requirements and elements that apply to each individual scholarship, which you must fulfill.

A street in Philidelphia
If your budget has some flexibility, then you may even have the possibility of traveling during your exchange. I went to Philadelphia for a weekend during my exchange in D.C.

Once the mandatory elements are included, the possibilities are almost endless. Often, it is beneficial to tell more about yourself and your background. What skills and special talents do you possess that make you a worthy recipient of the scholarship? You should also provide information about your financial situation, where honesty is important. How much support do you actually need, and how much is covered by your parents or any savings? Many organizations want to see an attached tax return, so it is important to have that ready. If you are married or living with a partner, some may also require their tax return.

How you choose to structure your application and the linguistic style you use is entirely up to you. Most people choose to write in a more formal language, similar to what you would use in your academic submissions. Some applications are written in a more humorous or artistic style if it aligns with the applicant's profile. Some write the application as a letter, starting with "Dear scholarship organization" and ending with "Best regards," while others write it in a less personal manner. Neither of these approaches is better than the other, and there are many correct ways to write applications.

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