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Hello, I am Maria Gedsted Christensen, and I am the proud owner of LetLegat- also known as EasyScholar. I am a 23-year-old adventurous person who loves to travel. Already in high school, I had a big dream of studying for my entire bachelor's degree in the USA, but the high costs scared me away. So instead, I decided to study chemical engineering at DTU.

Here, I discovered the great opportunities for going on exchange programs. Although I still wanted to go to the USA, the prices there were simply too expensive for me, so I ended up choosing Singapore instead. It was during this time that I realized how much of a difference scholarships can make and how they can help students finance their study abroad experiences.

Thanks to scholarships, I received full funding for my stay in Singapore. It gave me the desire to seek another exchange opportunity - this time in the USA. Once again, this experience was fully funded thanks to scholarships. Without the financial support from the scholarships, none of these stays would have been possible for me, and I would not have achieved one of my biggest dreams.

Now, I am passionate about helping other students with their exchange dreams. I understand how life-changing it can be to have the opportunity to study abroad, and I want to make it more accessible for others. Through EasyScholar, I strive to provide students with the necessary support and guidance to find scholarships and finance their study abroad experiences. I look forward to assisting other students in realizing their exchange dreams and being part of shaping their personal and academic journey.


My study abroad experiences

National University of Singapore

My first stay took place in Singapore. It was in the spring of 2022, during what we can call the autumn of the pandemic. Although many of the cultural aspects of Singapore were still limited by restrictions, the city and nature presented themselves beautifully. I felt privileged to have the opportunity to explore Singapore, even under different circumstances. While some doors were closed, others opened, and I was filled with experiences and memories that will last a lifetime.


The land of contrasts

Singapore is the place where futuristic architecture meets traditional cultures, creating a unique play of contrasts. Singapore had it all - everything I could dream of in terms of gastronomy, culture, and nature. Moreover, the public transportation system is superb, making it easy to travel around the country to enjoy everything that Singapore has to offer. Hawker centres with hundreds of authentic food stalls, massive shopping malls, and magical nature parks - Singapore has it all.


Rent- the boring expense

Rent is for most people the most significant expense associated with their exchange, and it was the same for me. However, I wanted to save as much as possible, so I stayed in a dormitory where I only had a small bed. If I could turn back time, I would have prioritized it differently. Living in a dormitory comes with many conflicts, and it is tough to have limited privacy - especially with all the new impressions that come with an exchange. Moreover, there are the horrors of sharing a bathroom with 71 other women. Therefore, I recommend choosing accommodation where you can feel at home and sleep well - and safely!


A different teaching environment

At the university, I was greeted by a completely different teaching culture than what I was used to in Denmark. There was a lot of rote learning and less practical application, which required a lot of adjustment. However, I still gained a great deal of academic knowledge from my courses.

The campus at NUS was enormous - so big that free university buses ran every 5 minutes. I would argue that NUS has the coolest campus in the world - filled with beautiful and lush nature, excellent fitness facilities, delicious and affordable food, and even an infinity pool. What's not to like!


The parks of Singapore

Nature and wildlife are an important part of Singapore's DNA. I spent countless days exploring them, including many of Singapore's beautiful nature parks with free admission. Singapore is also known for having the world's best zoological garden, where I had some of the coolest days of my life. These parks provide ample opportunities to take a break from bustling city life, which also thrives in Singapore.


University of Maryland- USA

My second exchange experience was at the University of Maryland, USA, where I finally fulfilled my big dream of visiting the United States. Richer in experience and bursting with excitement, I headed to the great country in the spring of 2023. I had anticipated more than double the expenses for this exchange semester, which naturally made me worried about finances. I made an even greater effort to seek support, which fortunately paid off, and I achieved full funding. I vividly remember the financial concerns I had until I obtained satisfactory support. At times, they could take away some of the joy, which was undoubtedly disappointing. Therefore, I wish to help other students obtain support to fully enjoy their exchange adventures!


American college life

College life in the USA offers an abundance of exciting experiences and opportunities, just as you know from American movies. First and foremost, social life is one of the most fantastic aspects of college. Additionally, American colleges offer a multitude of clubs, organizations, and sports activities that allow you to explore your interests. The academic freedom and flexibility are also incredibly enriching, as you can tailor your education and choose from a wide range of courses. Engage in sports at the magnificent facilities, party at a frat house, and dine at the campus diner.


The political heart

Washington, D.C. is the heart of American politics and history. The city is known for its iconic monuments such as the White House, Lincoln Memorial, and Washington Monument. Here, you can explore world-class museums offered for free by the Smithsonian Institution and enjoy delicious street food in the city's parks and gardens. Washington, D.C. offers a unique blend of culture, history, and political significance that makes it an irresistible destination for everyone.


Richer in experiences

I have never experienced as much in half a year as I did during this exchange. Enriched by my experiences in Singapore, I was very aware of some of the challenges of culture shock that one may encounter, and I knew how to make the most of my time. I was better prepared for the transition to a new life, which allowed me to enjoy the entire journey much more. Now, I want to share this experience with other students. Therefore, a guide to studying abroad is included in all our packages.

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