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Opnå dit finansieringsbehov med hjælp fra LetLegat

Achieve your funding goals with LetLegat!

Are you a student trying to achieve funding for your studies abroad? Are you feeling lost and overwhelmed by the vast amount of scholarships out there?

Fear not! We are here to help you navigate through this complex landscape, write the best application, and find the perfect scholarships that fit your profile.


Lige nu kan du nyde godt af et opstartstilbud, hvor du får en personlig legatliste eller hjælp til din legatansøgning fra 299 kr

About us

At LetLegat, we are dedicated to simplifying the scholarship application process for students like you. By leveraging our extensive database of over 20,000 different scholarships and utilizing our expertise, we filter the scholarships for you and present only those that match your specific qualifications and interests. This saves you countless hours of manual searching and gives you time to focus on your studies and interests.

We not only provide you with a list of scholarships but also offer comprehensive application guidance. We help you understand the application requirements, keep track of application deadlines, and provide specific tips and tricks to optimize your application. This increases your chances of obtaining the desired support. If the application letter is causing you trouble, we also offer personalized guidance with that. 

Our dedicated support team is always ready to answer your questions and provide guidance throughout the application process. Save time, avoid frustrations, and have a stress-free study-abroad experience. We look forward to being your partner in your successful scholarship application journey!

Our process

Fill out the contact form

Fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page with information about your skills, qualities and what makes you unique. We want to get to know you better and understand what makes you special. Share your unique talents and experiences with us so we can tailor our help to you. After submission, you will be forwarded to our payment page.

Wait a maximum of 72 hours

Within 72 hours, we will send you your personalized product. A scholarship list from us will include a minimum of 15 scholarships specifically tailored to your profile, but typically it will contain 30-60 scholarships. If you choose to order feedback on your application instead, we will send you a document with comments on your own draft, suggestions for corrections, and our proposal for your final application.

Chase your financing

You are now ready to chase your funding! Our dedicated team will be at your side, ready to help you with any questions, challenges or needs you may have along the way. Now go forth and conquer the scholarship world and remember that we are always here to help you and give you the best experience!

Our personalized products

Our products are not free, but they can quickly become a valuable investment.

Just one extra scholarship can cover the cost of our assistance and even provide you with a significant return. We would like to help you optimize your chances of financial support.

Below is an overview of the personalized products we offer.


Additionally, we have a range of standardized products that you can find here.

scholarship list

For this price, you will receive a personalized scholarship list specifically tailored to you. The list comes with an application guide and application deadlines, allowing you to easily get started with the application process.

Feedback on your application letter

For this price, we offer feedback on your application letter. This includes a review of the layout, grammar, and language usage in your draft, as well as suggestions on how you can better highlight your qualities with our version of your application letter.


We cannot guarantee that you will receive the scholarships, but we guarantee that we can provide a list with a minimum of 15 relevant scholarships. If we fail to meet this guarantee, you will receive your scholarship list completely free of charge.

For this price, you will receive the full package, which includes both a personalized scholarship list and feedback on your application. We recommend this package to anyone who wants to optimize their funding.

For this price, you will receive the full package, which includes both a personalized scholarship list and feedback on your application. We recommend this package to anyone who wants to optimize their funding.

Misty Slopes

Order a personalized product

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